Princess of Wales: William visits Kate in hospital after surgery

Prince William drives to visit Catherine
Image caption,Prince William arriving at hospital to visit Catherine

By Sean Coughlan, royal correspondent, and Andre Rhoden-Paul

The Prince of Wales has visited his wife Catherine in hospital as she recovers from her surgery.

The Princess of Wales is said to be “doing well” in her recovery.

Catherine has spent her second night in hospital after successful, planned abdominal surgery at the London Clinic private hospital.

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla has said the King is “fine” after the monarch announced he was going to have a procedure for an enlarged prostate.

On a visit in Aberdeen on Thursday morning, Queen Camilla was asked about the King, and replied: “He’s fine, thank you very much. Looking forward to getting back to work.”

Princess of Wales
Image caption,Catherine is “doing well” after her operation

Kensington Palace revealed on Wednesday afternoon that the princess, 42, had undergone abdominal surgery.

Her husband Prince William was seen driving away from the back entrance of the hospital in central London where she is being treated.

The specific details of Catherine’s procedure remain private, but it is understood not to be cancer related and it was planned rather than a medical emergency.

But it is clearly serious enough to require a couple of weeks in hospital and then several months of recuperation, which will see the Princess of Wales missing official duties at least until after Easter.

The latest updates on her condition have been reassuring, suggesting a good recovery.

And the degree of information about her hospital stay shows a greater openness than in previous years, when royal health mostly remained behind a screen of privacy.

The princess had last been seen in public at Christmas, when she had appeared well, after a busy series of engagements, including her televised carol concert from Westminster Abbey.

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