US lawmakers targeted by swatting hoaxes in multiple states

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Lawmakers around the US have been targeted by hoax calls known as “swatting”.
  • Police rushed to the home of Florida Senator Rick Scott on Wednesday after receiving a hoax call that a gunman had killed his wife at the scene.
  • And Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was “swatted” on Christmas Day, with her family present.
  • Most of the swatting calls this week appeared to target Republican officials. No injuries were reported.
  • But some Democrats were also targeted, such as Boston Mayor Michelle Wu who also had a Swat team called to her home on Christmas.
  • Ms Greene, a prominent conservative supporter of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, said on social media that it was just the latest in a series of hoax calls against her.
  • “I have been swatted 8 times but the FBI can’t seem to figure out who is responsible for the swatting,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter.
  • Multiple officials in other states were also targeted by swatting attacks.
  • “My home was ‘swatted’ on Christmas. Someone hoped police might accidentally kill me and my family,” posted New York Republican Congressman Brandon Williams.
  • Authorities say swatting – making prank calls to emergency services to deploy a Swat team – has grown in popularity.
  • Earlier this month, nearly 200 Jewish synagogues and schools across the US were targeted in just one weekend.
  • An FBI memo obtained by ABC News┬ásaid it appeared the threats against synagogues and schools were all connected.
  • Assistant FBI Director Cathy Milhoan said the threats “appear to be originating from outside of the United States”.
  • In December 2018, a 28-year-old Kansas man was inadvertently shot dead by a heavily armed police unit that had been sent to his home by a prank call about a hostage situation.
  • A Los Angeles man was later sentenced to 20 years in prison for placing the hoax call that led to the shooting.

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